Work Shop

We have two courses in the workshop.
1. Review by online
2. Photo walk

1. About online review
Sent me a work by e-mail and I will return comments by e-mail. I will ask you to shoot challenges next time.
Depending on your wishes, lectures on RAW development are also possible, but you will learn how to use the software yourself.

The period of the online commentary course is half a year with commentary twice a month.
A trial of only one month is also possible. If you wish to continue after trial please pay the remaining amount minus one month’s worth.
The content of the trial is the same as normal course.

2. Photo walk
The time is basically from morning until afternoon (until dark).
Each time you take a break or lunch on the way, it will be your own burden.
The difference from online is lecture on setting of the camera at the time of actual photography and care about when shooting.
The target will be street photo.

This course is basically a private course.

About the lecture while shooting together, it will be a course only for 1 day.
Basically it will be limited to Hokkaido Asahikawa, but expeditions are also possible by negotiating.
In that case the fee will be changed so please contact us once.


About price
On-line review
120,000 yen (review twice a month, the period is half a year)
Payment by installment is also possible (20,000 yen per month)
Trial 20,000 yen (review of 2 times)

Photo walk
1 person50,000 yen (breaks and lunches etc are not included)
2 people in one group 60,000 yen (breaks and lunches etc are not included)
3 people in one group 70,000 yen (breaks and lunches etc are not included)
In case of expedition (other than Asahikawa) please contact us once.

Payment method
Please transfer to the designated account.

Cards can not be used in all courses.

Contact method
Please contact us from Contact page.

Each course will be as above. It may be impossible even if you wish to do more than that. Also, depending on your request, additional charges may be incurred, so please be sure to consult with us once.
Taking photographing courses together, although we pay attention so that there is no trouble basically, in case of trouble (broken camera etc.) during shooting, please take responsibility at all self-responsibility. We can not assume responsibility even if there is something, Please understand.